4 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogging [ Fast and Lightweight ] (2022)

The best theme always makes your website appealing and improves page speed and user interface to gain more user interaction on your website.

In this article, we’ll show you the 4 best free and paid WordPress themes for blogging websites. Along with that, I will also recommend the best themes for blogging websites.
About Themes Customization And More
Customization: The themes we have selected for blogging sites are all gives you the best significant customizations for all things like buttons, typography, sidebars, etc.
Weight of Themes: You’ll choose your appropriate themes after seeing all themes weight, An ideal theme is lightweight and improves the speed of the website.
Cost of Themes: All the themes are free of cost for all customizations, however, if you want more features like page builder and it’s in your budget so you can consider it.
1. Generatepress
GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme that focuses on speed, stability, and accessibility. Start your website off in the right direction whether you’re a hobbyist, freelancer, or agency.

Generatepess has launched 6 years ago and has proven to be one of the most stable, best-supported WordPress themes, Company says I’m not.

Since the beginning, GeneratePress has aimed to be a lightweight foundation that can tackle any website project. It aims to offer just the right amount of customization while staying incredibly light and stable.

Users of Generatepress are now – 90,000+ active Installations and 4,186,634+ Downloads right now all over the globe.

All About GeneratePress: Tricksyidea also uses the Generatepress premium theme and literally I didn’t feel prejudice for this incredible theme. I have been using Generatepress on my multiple websites for 2 years, for multiple purposes like – E-commerce, Educational, and for blogging websites, but we are talking about blogging. Here you can see the all details of Generatepress.


Active Users



Tom Usborne
Theme Size

1.9 MB

Generatepress theme overview by Tricksyidea
Generatepress Blogs Widgets
At present GeneratePress support, 4-page builders like – Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi builder, and Themify Builder. This is good if you are working with multiple page builders. and it is fast, non-sluggish, and powerful.

Site Library – There are a lot of templates available in the site library for multiple purposes like – E-commerce, Business, and also for blogs. But unfortunately, it’s only available in the premium version so think there is no requirement for beginners who started the blogging website.

Site library available in Generatepress theme by Tricksyidea
Editing Features
There are a lot of options available in this theme where you can customize 15+ widgets like – buttons, typography, color, and social buttons, search bar, HTML, Logo, etc.

Generatepress color customizations by Tricksyidea
Header And Footer Builders
Header and footer also can be customized in this theme without installing any other third-party plugins coz of that too many plugins will increase your website load time which you didn’t want. and It also offers Off-Canvas Menu for mobile devices. Also you can add a mobile navigation menu, buttons, search widget, HTML text, and social media icons.

Header customization of Generapress by Tricksyidea
Blogs Customization
GeneratePress theme is one of the super fastest and most SEO-Friendly themes. And this theme comes with 100+ pre-made designs also, you can easily get 100 scores on google page insights with this theme. Because this is the lightest theme I have ever used on WordPress as compared to other themes so you can also use this theme if you are a beginner.

Generatepress blogs widgets by Tricksyidea
GeneratePress Modules
There are some modules available like background, blog, copyright, disable elements, menu plus, secondary nav, site library, and spacing. You can design your website appeal according to your audience.

GeneratePress modules by Trickyidea
Generatepress Premium Version Theme Cost
As you can see the Generatepress premium theme pricing is too much expensive for beginners. But I’ll give you this theme’s premium version at just – Rs. 849 only but now you wondering? hey this website fooling us! but it’s not true, just go through this link – Generatepress cheap premium theme and you’ll get 100% Genuine Generatepress premium theme at a very cheap price and latterly you’ll get 100% lifetime updates on your WordPress dashboard.

Generatepress price by Tricksyidea
2. Astra
Astra is the most installed theme on WordPress more than 1.6 million active installations. Astra theme was launched on WordPress in 2017 by the Brainstorm Force. A company headquarter is located in Pune, India.

The best part of this theme is its hundreds of free templates available along with good and best eCommerce customization options.

Astra theme is also known for the WooCommerce websites. It has a lot of options available for WooCommerce websites only like – Infinite scroll, Widgets optimized, Quick view, Drop down cart, checkout option, color variations, and so on. But these options are available Astra pro version but you don’t need to worry about it, we are only talking about for blog’s website.

Astra is also the best theme for blogs and it’s a fast, highly customizable, and super clean theme that is designed. let’s talk about more once look at the below all about astra.


Active Users


Brainstorm Force
Theme Size

6.19 MB

Astra theme by Tricksyidea
A large Number of Free Templates – In this theme, you’ll get 100+ free templates and 250+ templates on the Pro version for any kind of website, you can find the templates by categories. and its support 4-page builders like – Elemetor, Beaver Builder, Toolset, and Themify builder. You don’t have to install any third-party plugins for templates you add any your appropriate template to your website with one click freely.

You know what guys one more thing! why actually famous Astra theme coz of that free templates, There is no any theme on WordPress who provides the all categories free templates as you want to put on your site only on click.

Astra theme templates by Tricksyidea
Astra Theme Customization And Global Colors
Astra offers a powerful and responsive header and footer builder where you get 8 distinct elements. You can arrange these elements in a matrix and drag and drop them with a single click!

For customizing your blog posts, it offers basic options like rearranging or hiding elements, enabling related posts and post excerpts, etc. However, the option to choose a blog layout is not available.

Astra Theme Customization And Global Colors – Tricksyidea
With Astra, you can choose background colors, button shapes, global fonts, off canvas menu, body and heading size, type, and weight.

Additionally, you also get to edit the global and local color palettes as per your requirements.

Theme Customization And Global Colors – Tricksyidea
Astra Pro Theme Price
Astra offers the following annual and lifetime pricing bundles for all.

Now you’re wondering we don’t have the budget for that but as I said previously you can get Astra pro cheap theme at just Rs. 599 Only. Literally guys it’s 100% genuine pro theme if you purchase through my link and you’ll get Lifetime updates on your WordPress dashboard. So what are you waiting for? Go and check out.

Astra Pro Theme price – Tricksyidea
3. Phlox
Phlox is a renowned WordPress theme developed by Averta back in 2013. It has 50k+ active users as of now. What makes Phlox stand out is its attractive page animations.

this is the best theme who being used elementor page builder and site origin for developing their elegant blogs..


Active Users


Theme Size

6.4 MB

Phlox theme – Tricksyidea.
Free Templates
After installing the Phlox theme you’ll get 190+ Free templates but the only 40+ free templates available, that are literally fully optimized for all devices through the cool designs and animations. But you’ll have to Install the “Phlox core” plugin to import your appropriate templates on your website freely.

Phlox Free templates – Tricksyidea
Page Customization
The most appealing feature of the Phlox theme is its page animations. It adds a lively touch to a static webpage. And you’ll get 4 different animations on the free plan, including Fade, Cover, Circle, and Slide Up.

My favorite animation is page animation whenever some users visit your website they’ll see preloading animation if you selected, because it has inbuilt page preloading animation functionality in this theme, you don’t have to install any third-party plugin for preloading integration on your website. You can just add this function through scrolling in page animation section.

Phlox theme Page animation – Tricksyidea
Page Features
In this theme, you’ll get a lot of customization for content color. I mean you can change your content color separately according to your need like website background color, or content background color and mobile address bar color also you can change the website frame and so on.

Phlox theme Page customization like colors – Tricksyidea
Blog Customization
The Blog customization options in Phlox are admirable. You’ll get 7 impressive blog sidebar layouts, 3 styling options, and along with 3 content styles. You can also enable or disable distinct elements and buttons on the blog according to your preferences.

Phlox theme also offers an Off-Canvas menu for mobile, Scroll to Top button, Maintenance or Coming Soon page, website background patterns, and repetition styles, etc.

Phlox theme Page customization – Tricksyidea
Phlox Pro Theme Price
If you can afford the Phlox pro then you can purchase it, from Envato market. Overall there are a lot of options available for blogs so you don’t need to purchase, but keep in your mind one more thing if you use animation then it’ll increase the website load time so a good web hosting is a must for using Phlox.

Phlox Pro theme Price – Tricksyidea
4. OceanWP
OceanWP is a reputed and largely dependable theme designed by the OceanWP platoon in 2016. It’s the alternate most installed theme in the WP Repository with over 700k active installations. The unique point of this theme is its comity with all popular website builders.


Active Users


Theme Size

5.7 MB

OceanWP theme – Tricksyidea
Pre-Built Templates
You know what! the best part of this theme is that it supports all page builders like elementor page builder, Beaver Builder, Divi, Brizy, Visual Composer, and SiteOrigin. this theme offers max compatibility while editing something with multiple page builders.

But, when it comes to free templates from OceanWP so you only get 15 free templates. I know this is quite limited templates as compared to the Astra theme. Although they should have given more templates so users can have diverse options for designing their websites like an appealing.

But you have to do one more thing to install the Ocean extra plugin for free templates installation from the WordPress plugin section.

OceanWP demo theme – Tricksyidea
Theme Customization
OceanWP gives you a lot of customizations like layouts, page title settings, website background, Scroll to Top button, Off-Canvas menu, button sizes, color options, and typography, according to your preference. but there is no extra feature for sticky header you can install the any third party plugin.

Header And Footer Builder
OceanWP does not offer any other dedicated options for header and footer builder, but you can create your header like Transparent, Vertical, minimal, custom, full screen and more.

But the interesting feature of this theme you can also add an image or video to the header. this is the best feature I have ever seen in this theme.

Blogs Customizations
OceanWP offers a lot of options for blog post customizations, you can design blog post layout, adjust the sidebar percentage, change the image style, and re-arrange elements for single blog posts, and so on.

In this theme, you’ll be able to customize settings for WooCommerce only. You can add a store notice, edit the cart icons, change the product layout, or edit the checkout page product image, either.

OceanWP blogs customizations – Tricksyidea
OceanWP Pro Theme Price
OceanWP offers personal, Business, and Agency plans. Where you can purchase if you afford it otherwise no need to purchase. But you can check out the price here.

OceanWP Pro theme price – Tricksyidea
Now you know the all themes pros, which theme’s has unique features but you don’t know which is the best theme. So now I’ll tell you the all themes’ cons then you’ll be able to decide which is the appropriate theme for your website.

1. GeneratePress Pros And Cons
There are no free templates that you can implement on your website.
There are 45+ pre-built website designs, but you can use them only in the premium version.
GeneratePress elements feature requires the basic knowledge of HTML/CSS.
GeneratePress doesn’t have a built-in breadcrumbs feature.
GeneratePress doesn’t allow you to design the post & reorder the post meta structure.

But GeneratePress is one of the lightweight themes and it ensures fast site load times. It doesn’t have any integrations thus it doesn’t bloat your site with heavy code. This is the best theme for a faster loading website, if your main priority is website speed then you can consider it.

2. Astra Pros And Cons
Limited customization options.
Importing pre-made templates can be slightly confusing for beginners.
Customization options in the Off-Canvas menu are not accessible.

Overall, Astra is a powerful and feature-rich theme. Its free template collections are available. but Astra is known for WooCommerce websites, but if your looking for the best so Astra can be your 2nd option.

3. Phlox Pros And Cons
There are no extra features for themselves Header and Footer builder.
This theme doesn’t support Gutenberg editor.
it’s has a lot of animation effects, which requires server resources for load, so a good web hosting is a must for using Phlox.

I think this is the best theme for those wondering to start the beginners, bloggers, portfolio sites, agencies, magazines and eCommerce sites, etc, using the Elementor page builder.

4. OceanWP Pros And Cons
There is a limited free template available.
There are no extra features available for header or footer builders.
Basic customizations and no global color palette are available for this theme.

This theme’s best part is that it supports a maximum of page builders and offers good customization options for blogs. And this is a reliable theme. So it can be your 3rd option.

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