5 reasons why you must not use your old air conditioner

Why do we need to install a new air conditioner, when our old appliance is working (not fine though)? Like most people who consider home renovation not worthy, several others consider they can happily live with their old appliances until they die. Little do they know that an old appliance subtly extracts more money from the homeowners without assuring optimum energy efficiency. An air conditioner, for example, has a life span of ten years, and if you are using it beyond that, you are risking your lung and financial health.

Several AC installers NYC provide customized AC installation services post inspecting the house, as they have the necessary skill sets and knowledge required to install the modern AC units.

Below are the few vital reasons to change your air conditioner-

1. The old systems are not energy efficient enough
After several years of outstanding performance and saving your bills, the old air conditioner is now not providing enough cooling. As a result, you need to wait for a long time to achieve the desired temperature. However, with modern, energy-efficient air conditioners you can get 60 percent more efficiency. The new air conditioners are available with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) and can save big on your electricity bills.

2. Older appliances have outlived the warranty
An appliance company can give you a warranty of 10 years on the compressor or the main unit, but beyond that, you need to pay for the repairs and part replacements. But if you have installed a new system, you can get the warranty shield to cover the repair and parts replacement costs. Moreover, the old appliances have parts that are obsolete and hard to find.

3. The old systems are not environment friendly
Earlier, the appliances were made without considering the environment’s friendliness. The parts were never recyclable. But now, compact appliances are made and can be recycled too. More than 85 percent of the air conditioners designed nowadays are recyclable. Many air conditioners have reusable filters, making them last longer than their ancestors.

4. R22 Freon is obsolete
Until 2020, the appliances used R22 Freon that was neither environment friendly nor energy efficient. But the next generation R12 Freon is replacing R22 Freon, and soon the latter would be obsolete.

5. The older systems can become a health hazard
You can face air pollution while outdoors, but if your indoor air is equally polluted, what would you do? Well, the first task to do is to check the air filter of your air conditioner. Your air conditioner may have been infected by mould or dust, as it has inhaled polluted outdoor air for years and now the system has been old enough, and the filters are not properly functioning. As a result, the indoor air quality has been poor, with allergens, pollen, dust, and other debris.

6. Old appliances are not compact
Most of the old appliances, including air conditioners, take up a lot of space. The modern appliances are compact, and that does not affect their functionality. If you are living in a studio apartment or do not have enough space in your house, you need compact appliances as much as you require modular furniture.

If you are looking for AC installers from NYC, you can search for the best service providers from the internet itself. Research well, and gather quotes from various technicians before you choose one. You cannot go wrong with a good air conditioner and a trained professional who knows how to install the appliance well. A technician is the best person to guide you on where to install the unit so that you can get optimum cooling without compromising your comfort.

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