5 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction through Text IVR Surveys

IVR system can boost customer satisfaction through text surveys. The deciding factor to do business or not with a company is customer service. Research has shown that after a positive customer service experience, a majority of consumers are more likely to make another purchase.

This shows the tremendous significance of customer satisfaction for any business and is therefore an important KPI for any business. Customer satisfaction is measurable. It can be seamlessly calculated through customer satisfaction surveys wherein a massive audience that includes potential leads and existing customers is informed about businesses’ services, products, customer experience, etc.

An IVR system can help with this. Text surveys through an IVR system can be either simple questions requiring one-word or one-liner answers or multiple-choice questions. These surveys can be taken across any touch point in the journey of the customer and they can help more efficient understanding of customer demands.

Customer Surveys: What Are They?

A customer survey is an examination or inspection that has been developed to know the perception of the customer of a business. A customer survey comprises a questionnaire about their opinions and suggestions about a business’s products/services, their experience with purchases, etc. IVR system-led text surveys are the most common customer surveys that can gather the feedback of customers via IVR’s text-based formats. Text surveys through an IVR system have gained a lot of popularity these days.

Text surveys through an IVR system are not only easy to understand for the customers but also simple with many ways to collect their feedback/response. Text surveys through an IVR system enable a business to track the data of customers better. Moreover, a wide range of potential customers can be targeted using features like bulk SMSes or SMS blasts.

Some of the most common IVR System text surveys used to collect feedback from customers are net promoter score (NPS) surveys, post-purchase surveys, and customer effort score (CES) surveys.

How Can You Build Customer Satisfaction through Customer Surveys?
Many business goals can be achieved by customer surveys led by the IVR system. Gaps in service can be identified, customer pain points can be understood, and the issues can be accordingly fixed. Not only this, resentful buyers can be reached out through IVR system-led text surveys and the businesses can make up for it by offering discounts, compensations, vouchers, etc.

IVR system-led text surveys can help in the predictions of the demands and needs of customers and accordingly business offerings can be changed. In this way, businesses can stay ahead of their competitors. Below is how IVR system-led text surveys can help build customer satisfaction.

Ensures Customers Feel Valued

IVR system-led text surveys help bridge the expectation of a customer and what is delivered by a business. IVR service-based text surveys help in boosting customer loyalty and satisfaction by pursuing the demands of customers and by ensuring customers are being valued. Once there is a regular gathering of buyers’ feedback data, the detachment between customer expectations and business offerings can be eliminated. Customers are more likely to do repeat business with your company if they get the feeling that their expectations, feedback, and opinions are being taken seriously.

SMS blast service can be used to send text surveys to many customers through an IVR calling system. IVR system-led text surveys are the minimalistic obstructive and easiest method for gathering and maintaining customer feedback and data. They penetrate through the marketing chaos of limitless promotional emails and voice calls. An IVR system can also be used to offer personalized services to customers.

Enhances Customer Engagement

Improvement of customer engagement level is important for any business to thrive. The majority of customers wish to express their opinions and suggestions about businesses and their products/services. IVR system-led text surveys can help in the follow-up on a post-purchase basis. It can be used to check in on customers. Being an automated system, IVR systems can also pre-determine lead quality and not just automate the calling process. Thus it can be said that IVR systems enhance conversion rates.

Reinforces Customer-Business Interaction
A customer-business relationship is often delicate and based upon mutual trust. If a business makes mistakes in the fulfillment of expectations of customers, the latter, customers can be left dissatisfied with any kind of offerings made. Negative word of mouth can impact the brand image of your business. In such a scenario, IVR system-led text surveys can fix the loopholes and smoothen out customer-business interactions.

Can Create a Foresighted Customer Engagement
In the past, interactions with customers were heavily dependent upon the prospects seeking out information. Foresighted customer engagement is when a brand maintains everlasting interaction with buyers all through its journey of purchase.

During this engagement, concerns of customers are resolved by a brand much before a decision to purchase has been made. This type of engagement can be made possible by an IVR system with text-based surveys.

Interactive Customer Feedback

IVR systems offer interactive customer feedback like polls. All the customers have to do is answer these polls with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The resulting feedbacks help businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and demands. It also helps in improving the buying experience. For this certain techniques like hyper-personalization can be used. It is to be noted that for a different target audience, different interactive text surveys can be created that can be delivered by IVR systems. SMS blasting, another technique can also be used for this.


One of the most convenient communication modes between customers and businesses are IVR systems-led text-based surveys. These surveys not only elevate the customer experience but also help in the gathering of customer feedback. The good news is that customers even without smartphones can easily participate in such surveys.

IVR systems-led text-based surveys help in the efficient management of customer data for any kind and size of business. They also help strengthen the relationship between a buyer and a business. All your business needs are the best IVR service provider in India to get started. Office24by7 Technologies is the most affordable and reliable IVR service provider offering IVR systems that are single, and multi-level with many robust features. Get in touch with us by calling us at 91 7097171717 or dropping an email at sales@office24by7.com today.

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