5 Ways to Contact Uber Customer Care

5 Ways to Contact Uber Customer Care

Uber Technologies Inc, also widely known as Uber, is an American Technology Company. The services provided by the company include Food Delivery, Packages Delivery, Freight transportation, and also known widely for ride-hailing services. It also has a partnership with Electronic bicycles, motorized scooter rental, and lime. This San Francisco-based company has its operation in around 900 metropolitan areas around the world. It was founded back in 2009, and it has been 12 years since its successful operations.

There is a lot of buzz over the internet about Uber Customer Care NumberThere are multiple options displayed for its results, some of which cannot be relied on. We have mentioned five ways how you can contact the customer care series of the company. Scroll to Reveal!

  1. Contact Through the App:

This is one of the most obvious ways to contact the customer care services provided by Uber. In case of any issues with the account related to fares or any queries not found on Uber’s Support Website, then you can contact Uber’s in-app account for the same.

In-app support is the excellent way to get help for issues like extra charges, driver’s misbehaviour, or other fare adjustments. Uber is constantly working to make its resources better for making it easy for the customers to report an issue without any delay.

  1. Uber.com:

If you cannot report your problem via the app, then the help.uber.com website is the perfect page for you. The best part of this webpage is that you need not select your country or region to scroll through the already mentioned answers. It provides all the basic and relevant information related to drivers, riders, eaters, or restaurants. They assure you that you will not miss out on anything through this website, as all its menus are readily available at a click for any help.

  1. Office Support:

Apart from all these online mediums, Uber has developed a unique way to increase customer engagement and avoid other negligible risks. Uber Offices can be spotted at all the greenlight areas, where you will no longer have to wait for hours to reply. In case your issue needs to be addressed immediately, or if it is about any serious concern, it is worth visiting the office, but before confirming the office hours. All the hubs are visible after a click at the contact button, either on the app or on the website.

  1. Social Media:

If you think that your issue or the problem is not that big and you can wait for some time for the reply, you can also get Uber Support from its social media platforms. We all have access to these platforms now, and we cannot deny that it is much easier to get the responses or suggestions on these platforms instead of other mediums. Follow Uber on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and comment on your queries. But in this, you need to ensure that you must only rely on official partners’ replies.

  1. Uber Helpline and Hotline Numbers:

As already mentioned, there are many results displayed for Uber Customer Care Number when searched online. You must search for these numbers on the official websites for authenticity. Uber Hotline Number:(800) 285-6172 can be contacted in case of emergencies. If it is about an accident or other related issues, you must first call the police or ambulance for help.

Uber Helpline Number: (800) 593-7069 are also 24/7 available to help their customers. But they just take a longer wait time as compared to all the above-mentioned mediums, because there are many people out there seeking for their answers, and helpline number is the easiest way to get the same.

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