Bulk Phone Call Service: Make the Most of This for Your Business

The world of business is moving at lightning speed. Mobiles, the internet, and technology have brought about many revolutions. Today, customers can easily interact with businesses with bulk voice broadcast services. It is a known fact that the role played by voice calls in business, education, politics, healthcare, e-commerce, etc is very important.

Bulk voice broadcast services do not let you lose potential leads and thereby business opportunities. Bulk voice broadcast is a potential marketing tool that every marketer can utilize its benefits to the fullest.

Any audience is looking for a great brand that can be useful to them in many ways. This means that your brand needs to reach them and create a good impression. For this promotion of your brand is important and there are many ways to do it.

Bulk call services are not only economical but also the safest and fastest way to promote your business’s products and services. These services help in brand building. Bulk voice call services can be used to send important alerts, reminders, announcements, campaign messages, offers, updates about products and services, important events, etc.

Bulk Voice Broadcast: What Are They?
Bulk voice broadcasts are pre-recorded voice calls that are sent to many potential leads and existing customers at once. Bulk voice calls are particularly useful for political campaigns, community alerts, customer surveys, mobile marketing, stock alerts, EMI alerts, doctor appointment reminders, bills, EMI, insurance premiums, etc. Since voice is unlimited by a language barrier and can be personalized, bulk voice broadcast services are the best communication tool for customers. You can use bulk voice broadcast in the following ways;

Automated calls: Automated calling solution is a method that allows interaction between a caller and the recorded voice message without the need for human intervention.

2. Voice API: Voice APIs are the simplest way to create high-standard business communications in the cloud.

3. Reserve Caller ID: You can broadcast your automated voice messages by a reserve caller ID.

4. Call Campaigns API: With call campaigns API, calls can be scheduled, information can be conveyed, and feedback on the same can be gathered from your customers.

5. Text To Speech: You can convert text messages easily to speech with the help of a Text to speech AI system.

6. Call back: Missed calls are a thing of the past with the callback feature of bulk voice broadcasts. Office24by7 Technologies gives your business a call-back advantage.

7. Scheduling & Rescheduling Calls: All of your bulk voice broadcast campaigns can be scheduled and rescheduled as per the date, time, and availability of customers in case they do not respond on the first attempt.

Important Business Benefits of Bulk Voice Broadcast That Can Be Made Use Of

Bulk voice broadcast offers many important benefits that can be made use of for your business.

1. Real-Time Response Can Be Collected
Real-time response collection from customers and leads can create a huge difference to your business particularly when customers and potential leads share their opinions about your business’s products and services. Sometimes when these responses or opinions are implemented, it can even turn a potential lead into a customer. Bulk voice broadcasts help make this fruitful.

2. Gives a More Personalized and Engaging Experience

Bulk voice broadcasts give potential leads and customers a more personalized experience. This is because bulk voice broadcasts have a multi-language feature allowing voice broadcast messages to be sent in different languages such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, etc as per the language understood or spoken by the leads. By creating engaging leads in their language, the message can be best conveyed and understood as well. Moreover, you can create a unified source of all the data regarding leads and customers by integrating your bulk voice calls with a CRM/Helpdesk.

3. Calls Scheduling on Particular Date and Time

Call schedule is another important feature whose benefit can be made use of by businesses. You no longer need to dial the phone numbers of customers and potential leads all the time. With the call scheduling feature of bulk voice broadcast services, you can easily schedule a particular date and time, and the calls would be made by the system automatically (through an automatic dialer) and sent. The system’s dashboard also gives you information that can be used to track and monitor the performance of the many bulk voice broadcast campaigns. Bulk voice broadcast services provide you with a rich and easy control panel and all you have to do is follow simple guidance and set the campaigns, the rest shall be done by the system. There is no need for an agent to do the calling.

4. DND & Non-Filtered Gateways to Filter out Calls

Bulk voice broadcast services have an inbuilt system that can filter out the DND phone numbers from the contact list to whom the bulk voice broadcast campaigns are to be sent. Your business can therefore target high-quality leads and can expect a positive response.


Bulk voice broadcast services let your business connect with potential leads and existing customers easily. The entire process of lead generation is hassle-free for marketers and is the most effective. When compared to traditional advertising methods that require huge investments, bulk voice broadcast services are very affordable and give you quick results. Not only this, you create a strong brand impression on the minds of leads through bulk voice broadcast services.

Bulk voice broadcast services can be utilized by any industry like utilities (EB, Gas, Telephones, etc.), airlines, hospitality, railways, collection agents (Telephone Bills, EMIs Due, etc.), healthcare, banks, financial institutions, insurance agents, educational institutions, shops and establishments, corporate offices, etc.

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