How an IVR System Can Take Your Customer Support to the Next Level?

IVR systems can streamline customer support and ticketing systems. A business can’t and should overlook customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a crucial factor as not only does it empowers your business with high retention rates but also gives your business a competitive advantage.  


Moreover, the number of customers calling your business for support queries increases as your business grows in size. This means more support tickets are being generated, creating a burden on your support team. IVR systems can help in such situations. IVR systems have self-service options that can help handle a huge number of support tickets as it makes it possible for customers to resolve queries easily. 


How an IVR System Can Take Your Customer Support to the Next Level?


IVR systems decrease the dependence on agents’ support. The systems ensure you can operate with a smaller team, saving expenses on operations. Below are the many ways by which an IVR system can take hold of your customer support to another level. 


Immediate Resolution of Customer Inquiries 


IVR systems have the power to resolve customer inquiries as immediately as possible. IVR services allow your business to provide better customer support. As agents are not burdened with handling huge incoming calls, they can better utilize their time on other complex inquiries.   


Cuts Down On Repeat Calls 

Businesses track key KPIs such as call volumes, agent identity, and reasons for calls, etc, to know the performance of call centers. With the help of these key KPIs, businesses can get insights into customer journeys; they can address key issues faced by customers, etc.  IVR systems can help identify agents’ performance as well.  


Customer journeys through IVR systems are more comprehensive and allow businesses to identify customer inquiries and resolve them quickly. This can cut down on repeat calls to a great extent. 


Increases Self-Service Capabilities

Your business might lose potential customers if you fail to offer self-service support despite offering excellent products and services. IVR systems enable customers to resolve their queries by themselves without seeking the help of a support agent. 



IVR systems strengthen your ticketing systems due to it self service capability. Based on the data gathered from each caller, IVR systems route each caller to the right agent for faster resolution of queries. This provides better customer experiences as agents provide better customer service to the callers. Moreover, IVR systems decrease the load upon agents and also simplify the ticket system for your customer support team.  


Let’s You Conduct Customer surveys

IVR systems are not just a solution for resolving inquiries immediately. The systems help identify the weak areas of businesses’ products and services through customer surveys when conducted can offer valuable insights regarding the same. Using this feedback data, you can improve your products and services in such a way that it helps attract more leads, retaining the existing ones. 


IVR systems help in gathering the opinions of customers who otherwise might find it hard to share with a live agent. IVR systems can also gather customers’ feedback on the agents’ interaction, quality of resolution of their query, etc. IVR systems can therefore help marketers in boosting their sales efforts and enhancing revenue strategies.  

Round The Clock Availability 

Customer support faces a huge burden with conventional ticketing systems. Additionally, customers need to wait for a day or two, to get their issues registered in real-time. This is something that won’t make customers happy and on the contrary, you may lose valuable customers as they expect instant resolution of their queries. IVR systems are available round the clock, whenever customers need help.  



IVR systems through automated self-service options can get the issues of customers resolved instantly and thereby improve brand loyalty. 



If your business is a large-scale one, your support center may be flooded with a huge number of calls daily with an equally huge number of tickets raised. For managing this, you would hire and train a huge staff. However, you need not do this. With the help of IVR systems, you can automate the process of handling queries coming through incoming calls. 



IVR calling systems are a smart way to empower your business by helping your support team manage tickets effectively. All you need is a trustworthy IVR service provider that can help your customer support team. Office24by7 Technologies is the best IVR service provider in India you can trust and we have helped many clients manage their support teams with customizable IVR systems.  For an effortless customer experience, 

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