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A long drive with friends on an empty street, while the background music is one of the best memories one can cherish. Despite the high fuel prices, the long Rising fuel prices not only affected options, but also the habits of car and bike owners. People who were keen to buy high-performance cars are now looking for cars and bikes that have the best mileage.

If you own a car and want to drive / drive it every day then you can do so by playing smart. To deal with rising prices and the need to travel, you can use the following fuel-saving technologies.

  1. Slow: Cars consume less fuel and can travel long distances while maintaining speeds between 60 and 80 km / h. While driving on the highway. Ensure that the average speed is not exceeded 80 to 90 km / h. The same goes for bikes with good mileage, but since the bikes come with different engine settings, the average speed can vary.
  1. Shift wisely – the best way to get the most out of your vehicle’s mileage is to drive at a low speed and change according to the needs of the vehicles. Randomly shifting gears can put down the engine and increase fuel volume. The case varies on mileage bikes, however shifting to higher gear as quickly as possible helps maintain road speed and improve mileage.
  2. Turn off the engine – most motorists and cyclists lose a lot of gas when starting the engine on a red light. If you stop for more than 30 seconds, make a report to shut down your car and save gas. If the period is short, the engine should stop running, as the vehicle will consume more fuel when starting again.
  1. Maintain the correct tire pressure: Tires are known to be an important part of a car. Even though the tires are only inflated, it is also important to inflate them with the right amount of air. The amount of air pressure in your tires can also have an effect on mileage. To find out the exact tire pressure, you can refer to your vehicle’s user manual or you can seek professional help.
  2. Maintain regular maintenance of your car – often vehicle owners complain of increased fuel consumption a few years after purchase. Such a situation can occur due to increased friction in the engine. Engine parts require lubrication to prevent friction and to function well. Due to lack of lubrication, these parts slow down creating pressure in the engine and this increases fuel consumption.

There is a possibility that your car’s mileage will decrease due to its age, if this is the case, you can sell your old car or bike for a new car. To sell your car bike you can check websites like Orange Book Value where you can find the perfect price for your bike….read more-

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