Make Your Living Room Attractive by Hanging a Beautiful Abstract painting

Make Your Living Room Attractive by Hanging a Beautiful Abstract painting

If you are bored with the looks of the house, then one of the easy ways to add color and diversity is by hanging abstract art on the walls.

The vivid and thoughtful abstract painting can brighten up the room and give a profound look. Traditionally, homeowners liked to hang paintings from contemporary artists, but now trends are changing, and you find abstract painting in most homes.

The interior decoration depends on the likes and preferences of the homeowner. You want to carefully select everything from furniture to light fixtures so that it can reflect your personality. You can add a subtle touch by choosing an attractive and interesting abstract painting for the living room.

Factors to Consider when Buying and Hanging Abstract Art

There are certain online stores and social media pages that allow you to browse through the wide assortment of paintings and décor items. Some of the things you need to consider when thinking to hang abstract art in the living room are

  • Amount of light in the room

The first thing you need to consider is if there is enough natural light coming into the room. You also need to know the light fixtures in the living room and their effects on the furniture and paintings on the wall.

A raw painting can lose its quality if exposed to direct sunlight. However, abstract art made from oil and acrylics does not fade or crack in the sunlight. It would be best if you encased the abstract painting in a frame that is museum-quality and resists UV (ultraviolet) rays.

  • The height of the wall

To place the abstract painting for the living room, you need to determine the dimensions of the walls. If there is a low ceiling, then you need to put a medium height painting that does not look unusually large when put up on the wall. While hanging the painting, you also need to see any furniture that may obstruct the painting.

  • Corner pieces

You can place beautiful abstract paintings even if the living room is small. Most people tend to place a standing lamp or small shelf, but the metallic or wooden color may not improve the looks of the room. You need to place a colorful and vivid abstract painting to add color to the living room. You can choose bold and thoughtful abstract art that is easily visible even if placed in the corner.


One of the best ways to enhance the living room space is going for a salon-style, hanging an abstract painting, and choosing images that form some pattern and keep the viewer engrossed in them. You need to get out of your comfort zone and get stunning abstract art for your living room.

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