Ola Customer Care

Ola Customer Care

There has been much publishing on Ola customer care number, but can you rely on all of them? You cannot depend on all of these links, as many individuals have purchased new numbers and have listed the name of ola customer care.

Hence, all of them cannot be relied on as we are not sure of the purpose behind the source. Ola being a renowned multinational firm has been linked with various criticisms also under different heads. Scroll to know what the form faced all minorities in the past:


Technical problems are usually faced by many of these online applications and websites. They are not a significant issue until addressed and solved by the firm. Ola also met some of them. In 2016 August, a problem was addressed regarding phone numbers, names, and addresses. An individual received a text message of all the exact details from Bangalore under the name of Ola. These messages were although reported to the firm, the company for a while ignored them from the threat of TRAI. Later, they addressed the same, and the issue was solved in the next three weeks, received massive media coverage, and was hype on social media.

Later also, an issue was reported recently in January 2020. It was a technical glitch where users have received a message like Your Ride is here, or Your ride is on your way, where the users have not even booked the same. In this, users tried to cancel the ride to be safe on their side.

Some of the company’s glitches and issues were sorted in the least possible time, clarified any further problems with the customers, and cleared out the same.


The refund policy of Ola is also criticized for some of the related issues and surge pricing. Due to technical errors, some charging errors were faced by the customers during billing. Ola has also reduced its prices to eliminate the competition and later has increased them suddenly under the name of surge pricing. Also, there was an issue that the same ride might cost differently to the customers, depending on the availability of drivers and time. Recently, Telangana State Taxi and Drivers Joint Action Committee requested the transport authority to address Ola and other companies’ fare manipulation issues.

Drivers Concern:

Ola and other ridesharing companies have been recently charged for driver incentives and other issues. Most drivers have complained that they cannot cope with their EMI’s and negligible additional charges. They have said that their total monthly income is almost equal to the auto-rickshaw drivers after deducting all the dues.

Ola’s founder said that they have around 5 million new opportunities in the next five years and that they are constantly working to increase driver’s share in the same and have improved them comparatively.

Customer Care Assistance in Glitches:

Being an online website and app, all these glitches are common to face until they are all technical and not manual. Customer Care is also thus actively involved in these issues behind their easy and instant solutions. They are readily available 24/7 and can be contacted from different mediums, Ola customer care number being the hit in all of them.

Customers can also mail their queries, write up their suggestions on the website, and Ola has initiated an effort of an emergency button in their cabs, which will directly ping the authorities in case of any mishaps or confusion.

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