Understand Which Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Is Right For You

Dynamics 365 is a pretty well-known marketing set of different solutions of business software that is suitable for different types and sizes of businesses. Since there are different models and types, it can get a bit difficult to choose the right product. While there are many options such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV, AX, and much more, there is a struggle between the companies to choose between the best models for sure.

So, if you make the wrong choice, it might be a pretty long time before you actually realize something is wrong. Selecting the most appropriate product is a necessity these days. This article here explains different markets and apps that can suit the product that they choose from Microsoft Dynamics in the best way. With this article, you can be sure what product to use.

What Different Products Does Microsoft Dynamics Offer?

Coming from Microsoft Dynamics, there are different tools and products that you can choose. The list doesn’t end and is constantly evolving for sure. One can choose from options such as.

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Service
  • Customer Platform of Data
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Management
  • Dynamics 365 Project Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Dynamics 365 Sales for Small Businesses
  • Finance

What To Choose From the List of Amazing Products By Dynamics?

In case you are looking at the list of items provided by Microsoft Dynamics for the first time, you need to know what everything means. Some terms might be foreign to you but you need to make the choice of products on the basis of the functionality that these items have.

The processes might not be a simple one for sure. Some people end up choosing Dynamics 365 Supply Chain options even if they don’t require it. Hence, that will be a wrong choice. There are so many options that can be available with Microsoft that choosing just one is pretty difficult. Hence, you need to understand what these items can provide.

For Small Businesses

The businesses that are pretty small tend to run on tools that comprise the basic finance-related software options. If you are in the same position then you need to find proper services in the Microsoft Genre for sure. There are multiple implementation and licenses options for small businesses. You need to make sure that you choose something that will help your business grow in the best way. Making investments for the future is important and that too for long-term benefits. You want a reliable system and that is why trusting Microsoft can definitely be a good idea for the best benefits.

For SMBs and SMEs

The market of SMB is something that has bolstered the economy of different countries and there are different companies that are testament to the fact. Hence, paying proper attention to the market of SMBs is pretty important. For small as well as medium businesses, paying attention to HR and Finances is very important. Microsoft can offer amazing services in that regard. There are different features and important specifications that are offered to the companies that want to have proper growth as well as success in the competitive world for sure. It has become even more important for these companies to choose a reliable product from Microsoft Dynamics.

For Enterprise Level Companies

The businesses that tend to function at an enterprise-level need to have an all-encompassing solution for their business options. Choose the Power BI tool from Microsoft Dynamics that can actually help in that case. Microsoft also provides properties of project management and so much more for the companies that are looking forward to improvement in their services. However, the price factor is also important in that case. Since there are different licenses for different Microsoft products, considering the factor of price is really important.

Is Dynamics The Same As CRM?

Well, there is a pretty huge confusion going on in the marketplace regarding the properties of Microsoft Dynamics and the CRM solutions. Some users and partners have actually been selling the Dynamics Sales module claiming that it is an overall solution to every problem. However, that is definitely not the truth. There are different versions of Microsoft Dynamics and not everything is suited for all businesses. Having CRM solutions is a whole new thing altogether and for that purpose, choosing Business Central features such as project management, warehouse management, sales, finance, HR, and other options is critical. So, it is essential to distinguish between CRM solutions in order to make the right choice.


The technology that you are using for the management of your business will define the growth as well as the success that your company will achieve. So, it becomes essential to ensure that you are making the correct choice of the Dynamics product. Make the selection from the variety of modules and options provided by Microsoft after deciding which one is correct for your business organization.

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