What is the difference between aircon chemical wash vs aircon chemical overhaul?

What is the difference between aircon chemical wash vs aircon chemical overhaul?
Aircon Chemical Wash vs Aircon Chemical Overhaul What is the difference? It’s still a chemical treatment. The main difference is that Chemical Wash does not require the dismantling of parts, Chemical Overhaul requires the disassemble of your air-conditioner parts like the fan, blower and motor.
What will be done in a normal Chemical Wash service? Aircon chemical wash is when your aircon is functioning well with minimal problems. However, there are presence of mildew and dust in the cooling coil and drainage tray. Aircon chemical overhaul is done when your aircon system is not functioning well and has problems such as: noisy compressor, smelly aircon, weak airflow, water leaking from ceiling or wall mounted, loose connection/ wire exposed, overwork, frequent breakdown . Insure your air-conditioner is well maintained with Surecool Aircon Chemical Overhaul. Over time, harmful dirt and grime build up on the critical cooling components of your air-conditioner, eventually inhibiting performance and accelerating corrosion. That’s why Surecool recommends a regular Chemical Wash Overhaul to thoroughly clean the cooling coil and internal piping, improving your appliance’s effectiveness and prolonging its life span. aircon chemical servicing remove and clean the accumulated dirt and dirt of your aircon compressor. It is not a repair! Aircon chemical overhaul service do a top-to-bottom cleaning which include parts such as air filter, aircon blower fan, evaporator coil and more! Chemical overhaul is when we clean the indoor evaporator coil of your air-conditioner, and remove all the grime that has accumulated over time on it. (gunk, slime, dirt). Doing this helps restore your aircon to a slightly better working condition. We recommend doing an overhaul if you have only been maintaining your aircon (i.e. regular chemical wash) for a long period of time but are not unhappy with its current working condition. Air-conditioner (AC) chemical wash or overhaul is a basic servicing procedure, to maximize energy savings and efficiency of air-conditions. The process eliminates the restrictions on dirt, grime and dust accumulated in the evaporator coils, refrigerant pipes and fans. AC units deteriorate over time and suffer from reduced efficiency, which ultimately increases the electricity bill.
A routine aircon chemical wash is recommended to be done every 4-6 months to remove the dirt in your aircon. An aircon chemical overhaul is a more comprehensive cleaning process that should be done once a year or twice a year, if you have pets, who shed fur on the evaporator coils in your aircon. A professional aircon chemical wash can renew the performance and air quality of your air con’s cooling system. It will also reduce electricity costs and improve energy efficiency. A chemical overhaul is required when your filter is moldy, musty or simply too dirty to be salvaged with just a service cleaning
Introducing Aircon Overhaul Program that includes extensive chemical process adopted from established manufacturers, the Surecool ‘Overhaul’ which is the only program in Singapore to include a system flush, major components and leck testing as well. Aircon Chemical Overhaul is the process of cleaning and disinfecting the Air Conditioning System, which can be carried out for all types of Air Conditioning Systems. In general, the Air Conditioner System circulates air within the house through an indoor unit as well as an outdoor unit. Cleaning of these units is essential in order to maintain a clean and healthy living environment.
We have the best aircon cleaning service in Singapore. We provide a full range of aircon services from maintenance and regular chemical wash to repairs and chemical overhaul. Our professional team of technicians provide fast, quality work at an affordable price.

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