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Top 7 Points to Consider About Phonepe

Phonepe is a mobile app that helps you transfer money and make payments using BHIM UPI. You can link your debit card and credit card with phonepe to recharge your mobile number or pay bills. But digital payment modes suffer time and again due to various reasons. To deal with such issues, we need to contact Phonepe customer care number. Although phonepe is completely safe to use but sometimes, some issues require customer care assistance. Before contacting customer care, let us when do we need customer care assistance.

Issues We Face While Using Phonepe

Yes Bank powers Phonepe. The app never shares or stores the passwords of its users. All the transactions occur via secure banking networks, but these networks sometimes create trouble for their users. The issues people do face when using phonepe are mentioned below.

·         Unable To Load Funds In The Wallet Within Specified Time

When using phonepe, we transfer money that is already available in our bank account. If the transactions are taking a long time, there could be an issue with the server. The server issue is resolved when you switch to a fast internet connection. If the issue persists and the transaction is still taking hours to process, you need to contact customer care.

·         Unknown Fund Transfer To Your Wallet

Transferring money online can confuse me too. When someone is transferring money to another person, a situation where the sender may not enter the merchant’s information correctly could arise. In such cases, money gets transferred to some other person whose information has been used. If you also get any funds unknowingly, contact customer care executives. They will assist you and help you contact the concerned person. This will resolve your issue and you can send money to its rightful owner.

·         Unsuccessful Transaction

When the internet connection is not good, the bank servers are low, the transactions can be unsuccessful. In such situations, it is recommended to use high-speed internet while using Phonepe. If still, the problem persists, try turning off your device and then turn it on to see if the signals are good or not. If the problem persists even if the internet is working well, you should contact customer care executives. They will guide you and tell you why the transaction is not taking place.

·         Not Received Cashback Or Rewards As Promised

Phonepe has some cool rewards and cashback offers sometimes. Users can get cashback on some transactions, and there are various rewards as well. Sometimes, phonepe provides huge discount on shopping from various websites. But if you have not got any promised rewards or cash backs, then it is highly recommended to contact customer care executives. They will help you resolve this issue.

How To Raise Your Query On Phonepe?

You can use the phonepe app to raise your query and contact customer care support. To raise your query, you need to submit a ticket to ask for customer support. To submit the ticket, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the app and search for ‘my account’.
  • In ‘my account section, you will find a ‘help’ link.
  • Select your query from the list and submit your ticket.

The phonepe agents and customer care executives will get back to you.


Digital payment modes are increasing these days. Switching to these digital modes, we do face various issues which can be resolved with the help of customer care executives. In this article, you will find such issues and their solutions. If you are facing any issue using phonepe, feel free to contact Phonepe customer care number. You can also use the app to raise your query and wait till the customer care executives contact you.

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