Why National Law University (NLU)?

Why National Law University (NLU)?

Law as a Career is very Lucrative and a Commendable Profession as well. The modern day brings tremendous opportunities to shine brighter. The new India witnessing new Laws being introduced almost every day, demands for legal experts who can oversee implementation and compliance of such laws to the scale witnessed never before.

So what is step number one? Simple, Have a degree in Law from a reputed institution.  And is it a challenge to find top law schools that impart great level of law education in India? Definitely not because some of the finest lawyers emerge from these several top institutes each year. Have you come across the National Law Universities also known as the NLUs?  They are among the best in the country. However if you plan to study there, you need to first clear a competitive entrance test called . You will need special preparation for this and joininmay help you greatly. Well that will open the doors for a glittering career path with high paying salaries in the Corporate World for you.

The current stats indicate that the stream of Law Education is among the best preferred choices for higher education in India and quite naturally the institutions that offer this are also on the rise as well. In order to receive the best law education, aspirants desire studying at the Leading University in the country.

Interestingly not every law aspirant aims an admission into the NLUs; some of them also look at other Private universities as well. Let us closely examine the advantages and demerits of both options so that you can make a well informed choice as your entire career’s foundation depends on it.

Let us first look at the Disadvantages of studying in a Private Law College first.

  1. Exponentially high fees in many cases, which may range much above 5lakh a year.
  2. Autonomously designed curriculum may be sometimes too much for the students to grasp in a given academic year/semester
  3. Poor or no placement assistance when it comes to Internships.

Now let us look at the Advantages of Studying at a NLU

  1. Did you know only 3/100 among the entire law aspirants makes it into the NLUs and that itself is fantastic for the atmosphere at the NLUs. It boosts tremendous competitive spirit among the students. Well now you know that it takes some serious level of preparation to get into the NLU and we do recommend you also consider joining the Best CLAT coaching institute in Bangalore to ensure your place in these premier universities.
  2. Excellent Infrastructure in each of the NLUs across the country.
  3. The key reason why students aspire to study at a NLU is the placement potential which they have been demonstrating year after year, setting records in salary offered for a Law fresher and also a great gateway towards a lucrative career in the corporate world.
  4. Definitely affordable.
  5. Avialibility of Moot courts for practice.

Possible disadvantages of Studying at a NLU

  1. It is not exactly a disadvantage as such, every NLU doesn’t offer all the types of law specialization due to which aspirants may need to target NLU at a particular location only to match their needs.
  2. More of Traditional form of teaching used than the modern modes that exist in the outside world.
  3. Difficulty of entry: Limited seats, highly competitive exam requires special level of individual preparation or by opting for the coaching from the

Conclusion: If you aspire for a highly rewarding corporate law career through a degree in that has national as well as international recognition at a really affordable cost in comparison to the highest quality of education, then National Law University is your dream destination. We recommend a career counselling session at e or the city where you live for an ideal start.

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